doha-massageruimte2Image Finally, a body contouring treatment that delivers measurable results!

What is Lypossage?

This manual massage technique has been developed by the American Charles Wiltsie; an renowned international massage therapist and trainer.

In 1999 he has conducted a study of 100 women focusing on cellulite and being overweight. These results have been published in a number of American professional journals. The intensive grips of this massage have a direct influence on the connective tissues, lymphe, blood circulation and the metabolism.

Why do I have cellulite – the well known orange skin?

The fat tissues in our body have a protective function but they also store a lot of (also non-degradable) waste matters. This layer of fat and bad metabolism has a very slow blood circulation and therefore feels cold. Fluid accumulation very often occurs here. Nutrition and clothing can very well influence cellulite.

What does Lypossage do?

This massage removes the abundance of fluids and fat in the underskin tissue making the skin smooth and tight again. The amount of skin gets less and the cellulite will disappear.

Which parts of the body get the best result from Lypossage?

Lypossage is very well suited for the underlegs, stomach, back and upper arms. The fat tissue can be worked on best with a fast and perceptible result.


Lypossage is the safest massage technique for the human body. The intensive grips may feel somewhat sensitive at first though. Any healthy person can undergo this treatment without any riscs.

Treatment scheme

The cure treatment consists of a minimum of 10 treatments of Approximately 30 minutes with a frequency of 2 times per week.

Nutrition and Exercise

A healthy way of living and nutrition, food supplements and a minimum of 2 to 2,5 liters of water go with the treatment. Exercise such as cycling, walking and other sport activities form a Must for the body.

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