Foot reflexology

doha-voetreflextherapieImageFoot reflexology is a natural and effective method to cure and prevent physical as well as mental discomforts.

How does foot reflexology work?

By means of reflex points found under the feet, the therapist can influence your internal organs and other parts of the body. By positive manipulation and massage of reflex points, the balance of energy in the human body can restore itself.Painful reflex points are an indication of a disturbed balance of energy in the corresponding body parts.
After a foot reflexology treatment your mind as well as your body will come to a complete rest.

Various ways of treatment

Therapeutic treatment

In this treatment the objective is to get rid of a specific health issue.
On the basis of a health analysis done by the therapist a specific treatment schedule will be developed. This schedule is based solely on you as an individual. Therefore it may be that various people with the same symptoms will be described different ways of treatment. This is due to the fact that not every person has the same physical well-being as well as health.

Anti-stress treatment

In the anti-stress treatment the objective of the treatment is mainly focused on the reflexzones under the feet in which stress often results into complaints. The mental and physical stress will leave the body through the reflex zones under the feet.

Hormone treatment

With physical complaints it can be that the body is not controlled as it should be from the hypothalamus. This has its effect on the hormonal glands and the nervous system. By treatment of the reflexzones under the feet the meridian system will lead to a better control of the body.

Metamorphosis treatment

In this treatment we work with extreme gentle touch of the hands, feet and head. The feet equal movement. By treating the feet we bring movement into the balance, the energy results in movement.

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