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  • Sport massage

    Sport massage

    When there is a daily routine of sports, the muscles may have a hard time enduring it. A good training balance, in which there is sufficient rest, is the most important to prevent overburdening symptoms. Besides that it is sensible to pay extra attention to relaxation and recovery. It maybe wise to think in terms of  sportmassage and good nutrition, .

  • Foot reflexology

    Foot reflexology

    doha-voetreflextherapieImageFoot reflexology is a natural and effective method to cure and prevent physical as well as mental discomforts.

  • Personal trainer Amsterdam

    Personal trainer Amsterdam

    personal-training-doha-amsterdamAs a personal trainer I would like to set some realistic targets together with you and reach them in a well defined program. There are many different ways to do this. For me, what is important is to have your input in what is important to you and how I can help you to reach the set targets.
    Feel free to make a non- binding appointment in which we can see which options there are for you to reach your targets.

  • Drainage assembly

    Drainage assembly

    doha-LymfedrainageLymfedrainage wordt geadviseerd als de lymfestroom slecht werkt. Dit is o.a. merkbaar: Bij vocht vasthouden (dikke enkels, voeten, handen,oorlellen en (beginnende) spataderen.Tevens kunnen wij met behulp van de Lymphomed de lymfestroom meten en kijken of er een blokkade is. Indien deze blokkade aanwezig is, kunnen we de lymfestroom activeren en draineren én de blokkade weghalen.

  • Lypossage


    doha-massageruimte2Image Finally, a body contouring treatment that delivers measurable results!

    What is Lypossage?

    This manual massage technique has been developed by the American Charles Wiltsie; an renowned international massage therapist and trainer.


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Sportmassage Amsterdam